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Why Us?

The benefits from the Orange County County Sobriety Coach's Certified Recovery Assistant's will build relationships on mutual trust, respect, and support. The keys to success we find are when we help the build a solid foundation that will lead to long lasting recovery and a enhanced quality of life.

Treatment works. However, an alarmingly high number of those who successfully complete treatment still relapse within the first year. A Orange County Sober Coach is an effective tool that has many people stay in recovery.

Our Professionals Will Case Manage and Monitor the Continuing Care Plan to Long-Term Recovery.

We Offer:
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• Certified Personal Recovery Assistant Services
• Interventions
• Recovery Care Management
• Ongoing Monitoring

Benefits for our clients, families and professionals:

• Increased positive outcomes
• Support for clients who need documented sobriety for legal, custodial or employment requirements.
• Support guidance for families, loved ones and employers.
• Professional monitoring, relieving the family or employer from the high-anxiety role of "Recovery Police".
• Identify "relapse behaviors and triggers" prior to actual relapse.
• Coordinate with a treatment team to develop an appropriate therapeutic plan should a relapse occur.

A leading cause of relapse failure is lack of follow-through with the prescribed continuing care plan. A structured continuing care program has been proven to provide a better recovery outcome then treatment alone.

Orange County Sobriety Coach Will Help You Create A Solid Foundation For Lasting Recovery:

Our services are based upon a foundation of trust and confidentiality. We understand that whether you are a high profile individual or not, the effectiveness of our work is based upon maintaining your privacy and we do so within the bounds of moral and ethical obligations.

We also understand that the needs of each client are unique. Therefore the Orange County Sobriety Coach Staff has established a network with a variety of continuum care services that may be used throughout the client's recovery process.


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Please feel free to call us or email us. You can also fill out the form below. We will be happy to answer any questions or schedule a free consultation to create perfect recovery arrangements are for you or a loved one.

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