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What Is a Sobriety Companion?

A sober companion provides one-on-one assistance to newly recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, usually around the clock 24/7 if the client requests this level of supervision and care.  A companion acts as an advocate for the newly recovering person and provides new ways for them to act in their own living environment.  Orange County Sobriety Companions use techniques such as chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, meditation, distraction, massage, diet and proper nutrition, exercise, our healthy activities program, prayer and affirmation of sober choices.   A sober companion either completely removes the addict from his own environment of hidden stashes, or may search for hidden drugs in their own environment, including hotel rooms, offices, studio sets in an effort to restrain a client to prevent them from relapsing.  The goal is to help the client maintain total abstinence from alcohol and drugs and avoid relapse.

There are many potential elements present within one’s personal history can serve to further perpetuate the all-too-often damaging and potentially fatal affects caused by the addictive lifestyle. Unlike the treatment of most other maladies, addiction/alcoholism is not only affected through mind, body & spirit, but likewise, a whole slew of other likely variables unique to the individual sufferer…NO TWO ADDICTS ARE ALIKE! , Formal and hands-on experience is only part of the equation when it comes to achieving success in recovery through the services of a credentialed treatment professional. So what makes Orange County Sobriety Coach unique from the many others out there?

uppert torsos of two laughing women, on a bench, in a parkFirst, while much of our clientele tends to come from an affluent and/or “public eye” type of background, such as; actors/actresses , athletes, etc., Our array of services remain fluid in order to accommodate not only those seeking “top-tier” recovery services.  More importantly, Orange County Sobriety Coach’s mulch-dimensional approach enables us to truly explore, define and help resolve through the client’s underlying elements perpetuating the damaging behaviors & actions.

The treatment process for those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, etc. goes much deeper than simply treating the outward behavior and it takes someone with tremendous depth, understanding and awareness to truly help guide the sufferer through this multi-faceted journey! Whether you seek a qualified addiction interventionist, sober coach, life coach, sober companion, aftercare specialist, therapist or educator of addictive processes, Orange County Sobriety coach will be there to fill in the gap.

Orange County Sobriety Companion Treatment usually lasts for 30 days – often, much longer. The time required to effect a meaningful change varies greatly depending upon the client, their co-occurring disorders, and the family life at home. Ideally, a companion’s presence in the client’s life will decrease as the client proves his or her ability to confront family, work, and legal issues without relapse. Some providers stay with their client for many months, and some offer only transportation services (for instance, to and from treatment facilities or sober living homes). The sober companion’s duties encompass a wide variety, from simply ensuring the client remains abstinent to serving as a resource broker in the client’s home community.

Rest assured that each of our “Companions” has met rigorous standards including a thorough background check. Most are personally known to us. They are in recovery and we will conduct a thorough background check to make certain the coach you choose has highest ethical standards. They are trustworthy, dependable, and caring individuals who are well traveled and well read.

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