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What Is a Sobriety Coach?

Orange County Sobriety Coaches are a cutting-edge, empowering, goal oriented individuals that use a variation of approaches to help you achieve life-long and craving-free sobriety. Because addiction is typically a chronic disease, people cannot simply stop using drugs for a few days and be cured. Most patients require long-term or repeated episodes of care to achieve the ultimate goal of sustained abstinence and recovery of their lives. Depending on the unique needs of each client and which stage of recovery you're working on, we will offer services that are strictly confidential and personalized. Orange County Sobriety Coach is here to help you overcome your addiction and learn how to live alcohol and drug free.

We have trained professionals and fellow alcoholic and drug addict coaches with more than 5 years of uninterrupted and craving-free sobriety. Orange County Sobriety Coach will provide you with a combination of personal expertise, guidance, education and support. A sobriety coach will be your partner on your recovery path on a range of different focus areas.

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Sobriety coaching may consist of one of the following options or a combination of several, or all:

1. Returning home from a treatment facility and adjusting to daily life is difficult, especially after years or decades of substance abuse. A Sober Companion works as part of the client's treatment team. The Orange County Sobriety Coach follows the treatment plan that is put together when the client is discharged from a treatment facility. The Orange County Sobriety Coach will work closely with the client's physician, primary therapist, and family members to ensure everyone stays informed and are all working toward the same goal. Using the platform within Case Management, our Sober Coach will help the client embrace the goal of a lifetime of long-term recovery.

2. Sober Escort/Chaperone: We at Orange County Sobriety Coach understand that the longest ride can be the one to and from treatment for both the person and family. Often the fear and anxiety of getting the individual to treatment is as overwhelming as the intervention, we are here to help. A sober escort will travel with the person when you need us, alleviating the frustration and uncertainty of putting a loved one on a plane train or automobile. We understand the road to freedom from drugs and alcohol. We also understand that the problem at times can be connected to freedom from oneself. We may also assist you with Court Dates, Funeral of Immediate Family Member, Medical Appointments, Emergencies or Contractual Obligations.

Services Include:
• Transportation and gas to/from LAX or Orange County Airport
• 24/7 Supervision of the client at all times
• Accompanying the client in the proper attire to court and addressing the court as a representative of Orange County Sobriety Coach when asked
• Bringing signed letters of recommendation to present in court of behalf of our Medical Director, Executive Director, Clinical Director and/or Therapist
• Ensure continued daily schedule structure remains intact
• Providing moral support/guidance during their trip outside of Southern California
• Confirmation that client attends AA/NA or other 12 Step Meetings

Discreet — Professional — Individualized Sobriety

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