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Healthy Lifestyles Activities Program and Regular Physical Exercise Programs

An essential part of learning to live a healthy new lifestyle is proper nutrition. Our program is designed to help you feel strong and energetic and incorporates nutritious food that is fresh for your daily consumption. We want to make sure you are eating food that tastes great and helps your body detoxify. Your Orange County Sobriety Coach will pay close attention to what you are consuming. Clients are always asked if they have special dietary needs or favorite foods that we need to be aware of. Our Sober Coach will make sure each meal is carefully planned to include the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals for maintaining good health.

We Will Take You To The Ocean

Spending time near the ocean is naturally calming and an ideal way to get in touch with your own rhythms. On alternate days when you’re not in the health club, your Sober Coach will take you to the beach. You may take a walk or jog, swim, snorkel or just relax in the sunshine.

Regular Activities To Prepare The Mind And The Body

On alternate days, you may attend the Luxurious Health Club for physical exercise and a massage. We encourage you to work at your own pace and level of ability. Our Sober Coach will train you and assist you in developing a individual fitness program. The health club is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment including weights, tread mills, boxing, Mixed Martial Arts Training and spinning gear.

two older people counseling a younger onePreparing You For Success In the Real World

A healthy lifestyle includes effective time management and a balanced combination of physical exercise, entertainment, hobbies, outdoor activities, as well as eating, sleeping and positive personal interactions each day. At Orange County Sober Coach, our clients live in a way which integrates routine into a new, healthy, active lifestyle. Maintaining sobriety is a lifetime commitment. Our healthy lifestyles program facilitates a return to the “everyday world” long before the client leaves the program. Your Sober Coach will take you on therapeutic outings. You will visit places like the Getty Museum, Performing Arts Center and you will take walks in downtown Laguna Beach. You will receive “talking and walking therapy” from your Sober Coach while experiencing sobriety in the real world. We also take our clients to restaurants so they can encounter and experience social situations, without drinking alcohol. For many clients this is a new experience and an important part to their new found sobriety.

Developing Self-Esteem Is An Essential Component In The Healing Process

Here, you will learn to live and thrive in a clean and sober environment. As your health improves, your thinking will become clear. Your patterns of behavior will alter in positive ways, ensuring successful, long-term recovery. Incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine is a very important element of our comprehensive sober coaching program.

• Fun, Relaxation and Entertainment

• Movie Nights

• Dinner Outings

• Trips To The Mall

• Hobbies, Surfing, Shooting Range, Golf, Recovery Reading

We Help You Feel Strong And Energetic, Naturally

Your Sober Coach will guide you to wellness with a combination of biological, psychological and social-conditioning processes to successfully treat all aspects of your addiction. Each day is a balance of therapies, group activities, fitness classes, golf, hiking, yoga, music, bowling, and other adventures. We also offer unique therapeutic activities like equine and art therapy which allow our clients to tap into their creative talents and have fun in recovery. At Orange County Sobriety Coach, we believe that recovery involves healing the body, mind, and spirit. Our Healthy Lifestyles Program is a holistic wellness program that will help to condition and nourish both your body and your soul. We also have the ability to incorporate a 12-Step Learning Program for individuals who follow the Alcoholics Anonymous Program.

Services Include

• On Staff Certified Counselors

• Sober Coaching and Companion Services

• Daily individualized Counseling

• We Provide Private Rooms Close To The Beach-Not A Dorm Atmosphere

• Transportation

• Vocational Counseling & School Academy

A father explaining something to his son• Outpatient & Continuing Aftercare

• Recovery Meetings

• Nutritional Counseling Customized Healthy Meals

• Strength Training

• Weight Loss Programs

• Certified Personal Training

• Spirituality

• Dual Diagnosis

• Legal Matters/Court Issues

• Court Assistance

• Eating Disorders

• Discretion & Security

• Sex Addiction

• Detox

• Gambling Addiction

• Co-Dependency

• Anxiety/Depression

Our Objective is to assist those in recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, legal issues, gambling problems, ect. We will dramatically enhance the quality of your sobriety through targeted and individualized personal training, body conditioning, and nutritional counseling. This is not simply personal training, but rather, assisting the merging of mind, body & spirit on various levels as it applies to you.


All too often the recovery process is hindered by physical limitations that manifest themselves in a variety of ways. The recovery process is filled with emotional turbulence that directly affects one’s physical state of being, and minimizing this element will provide greatness to the body, mind, & spirit


To ensure a safe arrival to our facility and ensure the start of the admissions process we will meet the client at their home or the airport. Orange County Sobriety Coach has several Executive Luxury Homes located near the beach areas of Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach, including a Luxury Home in Kauai, Hawaii where the client may spend their days with their sobriety coach and their evenings in a safe substance abuse free environment.


We will pick up the client at the rehab facility to travel home, assisting them with their transition back to society. We can stay a day or a week or longer depending on the needs of the client. We can assist the client in getting to AA Meetings, finding a sponsor, or to getting you to your IOP (Intensive Out Patient) program.


Please refer to the map below for our exact location.


Please feel free to call us or email us. You can also fill out the form below. We will be happy to answer any questions or schedule a free consultation to create perfect recovery arrangements are for you or a loved one.

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